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Preparing to submit planning for Nichols Road

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Following a few alterations to the design we previously posted, we have finalised the design and layout with the client through a series of design meetings and are preparing to submit this scheme to planning.


The design looks to create a new storey above the existing bungalow. The new first floor will accommodate all the social and shared spaces of a home. A kitchen with walk-in pantry, dining area, W.C., and snug are now closely located and will allow the family to enjoy more time together rather than at opposite ends of the bungalow. The first floor balcony will take advantage of the views out to the Bristol estuary. An external staircase will also provide access to the first floor and ground floor from the garden.

A new entrance space has been created on the ground floor which accommodates the new staircase to the first floor and plenty of storage for coats, shoes, bags, etc. The existing kitchen and dining room on the ground floor will become the master bedroom with walk-in storage, and en-suite. This now takes full advantage of the existing balcony on this level. The existing lounge on the ground floor will be retained and used as another space for the family to enjoy together.

Sustainability Upgrades

The exterior walls of the new first floor will be clad in cork to improve the energy efficiency of the dwelling. Solar panels will be fitted to the south facing roofs to create energy on site which could be further paired with a battery system to store the energy for later use. The existing ground floor will also see a number of upgrades to the walls and floors to improve the u-value of the house. This will create more comfortable living spaces and reduce the need to use energy to heat the home.

Overall, the client is very pleased with the design and looks forward to taking the project to the next stage. We will publish detailed progress as this project continues to move forward. You can read more about this project here, or explore all of our projects here.

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