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Planning submitted for a dwelling in Stoke Bishop

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Perspective sketch of the proposed extension

We have submitted a planning application for the approval of a ground floor extension to a property in Stoke Bishop. Careful consideration to the external appearance was required as the dwelling is located within a Conservation Area. This means the Local Planning Authority have created an appraisal highlighting the special characteristics and historical character of the area which generally need to be maintained in any new construction. This appraisal was used to inform our design choices and develop the proposal into something achievable.

Our design is very sympathetic to what is currently in place. We have continued the design language through the use of similar materials and expressing the structural elements and pattern that currently exists. The pattern of the exposed structural reinforced concrete beams that support the first floor set out the footprint of the extension. New timber beams are proposed to align with the existing reinforced concrete creating a softer and natural feel to the extension whichprojects into the garden.

Interior view of the kitchen & dining spaces

A big part of this project was undertaking a sustainability assessment to understand the existing building fabric and building services. We produced a report detailing the features that are currently in place and how these can be upgraded to provide a more comfortable and energy efficient dwelling. The sustainability assessment begins its focus on the building fabric and details possible upgrade options i.e. this house has solid masonry walls with no insulation so we have proposed a number of routes to upgrade the walls each with varying costs, benefits, and feasability. You can read more on the sustainability assessment here.

We look forward to taking this project through planning and onto the technical design stage. We’ll continue to publish updates as they develop. You can read more about this project here, or explore all of our projects here.

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