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Timber Building

Timber can bring fantastic qualities to a project with great diversity of characteristics depending on the species, application and chosen finish. It can be used internally to bring a natural quality to spaces or externally to clad a building. Whats more, it is fantastically environmentally friendly too, storing carbon and preventing it from being released into the atmosphere and locking it away for the lifetime of the building.

timber block

Specialists with Timber

We have developed a specialism in timber construction across a number of projects, working on a range of both new and existing buildings. This includes the conversion of barns and agricultural buildings where the historic timber trusses have been repaired and retained to bring a unique quality to the space and show the history of the building.

I have also used a range of modern timber construction methods in my new-build projects, where these cutting edge materials can bring new possibilities to the construction of buildings. The use of timber components such as I-beams and glu-laminated beams can be used to create greater spans, and also are more suited to highly insulated, passive house type projects. Using structural timber can be less expensive than steel frames and is economical on both small and large projects.


I am a member of TRADA, providing technical support for timber projects.

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