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Barn conversions

Barn conversions are becoming increasingly popular in the countryside as property owners are realising the potential of underused or empty agricultural buildings.


We can help guide your conversion project through the construction process, from initial feasibility and sketch design, through planning permission and on to site.

Why Build a Barn Coversion?

Barn conversions can combine the aesthetic qualities of a traditional building with the high levels of comfort afforded by a modern new build. 

  • Barns often have large existing openings which can bring plenty of natural light into the building.

  • The heavy mass of the existing structure allows storage of heat. This maintains a stable internal temperature throughout the year, reducing heating costs.

  • Traditional buildings lend themselves to upgrade with natural and “breathable” materials/techniques which help create a healthy home.

  • Barn conversions are often less expensive than starting from scratch.

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Why Now?

Barn conversions are being encouraged on a local and national level by government policy as they can provide valuable new housing whilst minimising impact on the character of the countryside.


It is often difficult to gain planning permission for new houses in the countryside but thanks to permitted development barn conversions can offer a good alternative for those seeking to build a new home.

What is permitted development?

in 2013 the government introduced permitted development rights for conversion of agricultural buildings into dwellings without the need to go through planning permission. For this to be appropriate the existing structure will need to meet requirements set out in the Permitted Development Order (class Q). I can advise on the feasibility of this route for your project.

Proceeding with permitted development may put some restrictions on the appearance and prevent future extension to the property. In some cases it may be better to seek full planning permission for a new dwelling.


I am proficient in taking these project through the planning system and preparing the necessary documents to create a strong argument for development.

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