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Planning achieved for a new storey above a bungalow

Updated: Jul 18, 2023



Following a few planning obstacles, we are very pleased to announce that we have succesfully achieved planning permission for the construction of a new storey to a bungalow in Portishead.

Two prior extensions have created a very fragmented interior layout and a number of exterior material finishes. Part of the design process was to create a building that has more coherence to the habitable spaces and the exterior finish. We believe we have achieved this rather well by reorganising much of the existing ground floor to work with the new storey and by proposing stone to clad the lower ground floor walls, maintaining the existing render and introducing timber for the ground floor, and using cork to clad the walls of the new storey above. The clients had a very good idea of the external material finishes they wanted to use and we made sure to work with them to achieve their ambitions.

We are now preparing to move this project into the technical design stage in which we will begin detailing the building fabric and the external materials to be used. The additional storey will be built to the highest quality finishes and materials which justify the spectaclar site position which has views overlooking Bristol Estuary to the north and west. Solar panels are planned for the south facing roofs to generate energy on site

We will continue to post news and updates to this project as work develops. You can read more about this project here, or explore all of our projects here.

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