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We have submitted a planning application for the approval of a ground floor extension to a property in Portishead. Due to the location being in a conservation area, the council have created an appraisal which outlines the special characteristics of a conservation area, how these are managed by the council, and how the historical character is maintained and improved. This appraisal should be used to inform design choices to successfully get your project through planning. Architects such as ourselves are very experienced in navigating guidelines set by local authorites to get our projects through planning and into the construction phase.

If you have a project and would like to discuss your ambitions, please get in touch at

We have just completed a planning application for an extension to a stone cottage in North Somerset. The use of contemporary materials creates a great juxtaposition to the old stone dwelling.

We often collaborate with other architects on a variety of projects. On this occassion, we were asked by another architect to prepare a 3D model and images for a neighbouring plot at Gatcombe Farm where we have previously designed a dwelling for a client of our own.

Click here to read more about our design on Gatcombe Farm. Our project is currently live in construction and we will post updates on the build as it progresses.

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