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Theynes Croft, Bristol

An expansive new deck and cosy garden area for a house in Bristol




Sketch Design, Planning


In Progress

This property in Bristol had an unused triangle of land backing onto a national cycle route. Our proposal takes advantage of this disused space with a balcony accessible via spacious sliding doors from the dining room, extending the room outdoors with views of the woods beyond. The trapezoidal balcony fills the area to create as much usable space for the client as possible, while also leaving room for a private, cosy new section of garden with a chair swing.

Our current proposal uses fin-shaped balustrades to create privacy when viewed from by people travelling on the cycle route, but allow views out from the balcony. Additional glass panels are used to highlight key views. The fins expand upwards into a new pergola to shade the new glazed entrance and prevent overheating in summer.

Additionally, we designed a new porch to create more storage area for the client and enhance the facade of the house.

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