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Pitch and Pay, Publow, Somerset

A small extension that makes a big difference






This project is an excellent demonstration of how small, smart changes to a home can make a big difference to its quality. We designed an 11m² single-story extension to expand and reconfigure the downstairs layout. This allowed us to create a new open plan kitchen, dining area and lounge from a series of closed rooms, and all of this was possible with minimal changes to the existing structure of the house.

Thermal Improvements and Sustainability

We also worked with the client to greatly improve the thermal performance of the home. Previously, the ground floor was lacking in insulation in the floors, walls and roof, and the windows were single glazed, creating large heat losses which translated into higher energy bills for the client. We were able to provide new insulation on the interior of the home, fit new thermally efficient windows and install a new radiant heating system to evenly heat the ground floor.

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