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Effingham Road, St. Andrews, Bristol

A ground floor and dormer extension create an expansion of interior living space for a young family.





In Progress

Interior Layout

The ambition was to create a large open plan kitchen and dining space to enjoy together as a family and to entertain guests. Utility and storage space were also important elements to the design on the ground floor as was a W.C. As a growing family, they also desired another bedroom which has been achieved in the dormer extension along with an ensuite.

Sticking to Budget

The final design was the outcome of detailed discussions and meetings with the clients to discuss how to achieve their ambitions with their budget. We settled on a footprint that provided a spacious interior but proved to be economical to build.

This approach provided some easy wins such as reduced foundations, structural elements, and material costs. The client's were able to use these savings on the interior finish and on other areas of the house.

External Material Finishes

We discussed with the client in detail what external materials we might use. The client had many thoughts and through a detailed discussion, we weighed up the potential cost and end result.

After thinking through all the options, the client opted for metal standing seam cladding for both the walls and the roof and a secret-gutter at eaves level. These materials express a contemporary and high-quality aesthetic and are also low maintenance with a long life span.

The walls of the dormer roof extension will be rendered, which will match the existing rendered walls.

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