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Aberdeen Road, Bristol

This project in Clifton, Bristol, shows how a relatively small extension and alterations can make a big difference to the way a house is used and how it feels.




Planning, Detailed Design



The existing property comprised of a semi-detached Georgan townhouse with a maze of internal corridors and underused, quite dimly lit self-contained rooms. With a restricted existing footprint there was a need to maximise the potential and value of the existing space without overdeveloping the garden, a great asset for the client.

After exploring several options and variations for the overall layout of the house, we settled on a design for a flat roof single storey extension measuring only 16m2, to the rear of the site. This was complimented by other strategic alterations and reconfigurations of the existing layout.

The materials used internally help to provide a calming and natural feel to the open-plan space with white walls, bespoke birch ply kitchen cabinets, reclaimed and sanded floor-boards and stone tiles. The natural theme is continued externally with vertical Western Red Cedar cladding which will weather to an attractive silver.

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