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Resubmitting planning - Thoughtful extensions to a modern-style home

We first designed a series of extensions to make this modern-style house more suitable to the family that lives there almost a year ago. These designs have now been redone based on feedback we recieved from the first application, and we are optimistic that our new and improved designs will successfully recieve permission.

Perspective sketch of the proposed front extension

At the front of the house, the kitchen is expanded with a single-storey extension. This also creates the oppurtunity for a new porch in front of the existing front door. This part of the design uses a textured cement fibre cladding as it's unique appearance, durability, and sound-proofing make it best suited to the road-facing side of the house.

Perspective sketch of the rear extension

At the rear of the house, our design takes an underused section of the garden and turns it into a new orangerie, greatly increasing the living space of the house and creating a valuable room for a plant-loving family. This also allows us to expand the space above, turning the previous plant room into a new bathroom and hall with wide views of the back garden. Additionally, the parapet walls around the garage roof are raised, creating a more usable terrace.

Proposed plans, with new extensions shown in orange

We look forward to hearing the results of our newest application and will be sure to update the blog as things develop. In the meantime, you can view our other residential projects or find out more about this design.

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