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Seasons Nursery, Stroud

Creative alterations and extensions to a children's nursery




Feasibility Report, Planning


In Progress

The primary goal for the project was to maximise the internal floor area of the nursery to accommodate an increasing demand of nursery places for children aged 0 to 5, whilst providing a providing an inspiring new frontage to the building when viewed from the street.

We worked collaboratively with the end-users and managers of the nursery to develop the design and after several iterations to the scheme, we settled on a solution which would provide most effective use of space and value for the client. The final design combines:

  • a pitched roof and a flat roof which accommodates a clerestory to allow natural light and reduce overlooking from the neighbouring residential dwellings

  • a physically larger design to accommodate a future increase in child numbers

  • an office overlooking the entrance for safety and welcoming parents and children

  • a large window that connects the interior and exterior spaces, providing plenty of shaded natural light fo rthe main classroom spaces.

  • an increase in greenery and vegetation around the entrance to engage children upon entering the nursery.

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