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Nore Road, Portishead

A contemporary garden and a conservative extension for a historic property in Portishead.




Planning, Feasibility Report, Detailed Design


Under Construction

Over the past few years, we've been involved in a number of projects involving this historic property in Portishead. These range from a sensitive extension to the Grade II listed Grey House, to a complete relandscaping of the gardens.

Our first involvement with this site was to transform the coach house from a children's nursery into a new residential dwelling. This allowed us to create a series of useful spaces for the clients, including a sauna and lounge. A redesign of the driveway also created convenient new access to the building.

At the same time, we were tasked with redeveloping the gardens which contained the old nursery play area. We retained the original patio while dividing the steep garden into a series of terraces with natural stone retaining walls, creating new flower beds and green spaces in an otherwise difficult area. We also designed a new swimming pool and garden room at the peak of the garden.

Later, the client returned to us with a new challenge - extending the Grey House to connect an upstairs bedroom with an otherwise difficult mezzanine bathroom, creating a convenient en-suite and also providing additional living space downstairs. Our proposal aims to achieve this in a way that restores the symmetry of the listed house, which had been broken by previous extensions.

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