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Finished Project - Improving a Bristol home through sustainable features

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Today we'll be revisiting a project from 2021, as we've recently recieved some brilliant photos of the finished result from the client. In this project, we reorganised a bungalow, and the site as a whole, to provide a series of thoughtful, well designed spaces to meet the changing needs of the client and improve the appearance of the house.

Thoughtful redesign

The biggest development was the new courtyard located in an under-utilised area south of the house. We repurposed this space to provide our client with new bicycle parking, recycling storage and an electric vehicle charging port.

Originally, the entrance to the house was through a narrow side alley, and only the garage was accessible via the front. We elected to bring the entrance to the front of the house, giving it a stylish contemporary facade made of timber with fibre cement cladding panels. The front garden was then redone in a permeable finish to create a new parking space surrounded by a series of flowerbeds.

Improving sustainability

A number of sustainable features were also introduced, including an air source heat pump and solar panels. Combined with the carefully considered airtightness and insulation of the new extensions, these developments will improve the energy efficiency of the house thereby saving the client money on their gas and electricity bills.

We offer a sustainability assessment service as part of all of out design projects - this allows us find our clients the most efficient, cost-effective energy-saving solutions for their project. If you're looking for a way to save energy in your home or extension project, please get in touch today to see how we can help.

Contemporary house interior with a wooden wall finish.
The cosy finished interior

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